Design On



Design on Demand is a flexible service for those who enjoy taking an active role in their home's design projects, but need assistance with making their vision a reality. 

Just need a plan to implement yourself?  Interested in a little sweat-equity? 

 If you are stuck and need inspiration, would like a plan to implement yourself

over time or perhaps just need a space plan or drawings to work from,

Design on Demand is your Recipe for Success!

The Design on Demand Package is perfect for you if:

~ You're not happy with your home, but aren't exactly sure what you can do

to update it and just want some general advice

~ You are ready to purchase furnishings for your new home and and don't want to make costly errors or mistakes.

~  I don't have the budget for Full Service Design, but I'm ready to invest in a

custom plan I can implement as time allows

~  I just want my space done - I'm tired of looking like a university student

~  Interior design is not my thing and I need a focused plan

~ The lighting and finishes in your house are all builder basic and you want to choose the best finishes and materials to give it that "made for you" custom home appearance

~  I'm not great at making decisions, but I'm great at following direction

~  I have time to shop and source furnishings and decor on my own..

Here's what you can expect from the Design on Demand package:

After we've completed your Discovery Call with Michelle, we'll have you fill out our detailed Design Discovery Questionnaire and we'll book an initial consultation.  At the consultation, we will review the questionnaire together, make notes on your design requirements and take detailed measurements if required.

  • Michelle will advise the best way to go about structuring the consulting with you on a project-by-project basis.  For the most effective use of your design hours, you should be prepared with specific questions and design tasks that you need to accomplish.

  • Design tasks can include but are not exclusive to: general design advice, design concepts, drawing packages, interior & exterior selections, space planning, furnishing and lighting advice, finish and paint selections.  We will advise you about your project, pulling from our design knowledge and years of experience in the field to give you direction for your project.

  • Michelle can also go with you to select materials or furnishings if that is something you'd like her to help you with. The possibilities are endless, just let us know what you're looking to do and we'll figure out a package customized to your needs

  • Designer on Demand packages are available in 10 hour increments. You can use the hours for whatever assistance you need over a 90-day period.