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The Somewhat Comical Struggle of an Interior Designer Designing My Own Office

Spring '23 - One Room Challenge Week 5

Hello Week 5 😊!! It’s hard to believe we are at the mid-point of the One Room Challenge in our Fugly-to Fabulous French Country Modern Office Makeover. Things are ticking along and this week we are moving from the nitty gritty (trade week) to the exciting and pretty - The Design Presentation! This is always a high point in the interior design process as we get to show our clients how the actual selections and elements translate in their ‘home-sweet-home’. This is all about bringing the vision we worked on in the Design strategy session, to life!

Mid-clean out of Office: We're Prepping for Electrical to Be Moved and Added

This Final Presentation Meeting involves all the approved elements from the Preliminary Design Presentation, plus any new elements that were agreed upon and any revisions requested. Because we believe in a collaboration between client and designer, as well as our trades and artisans, this presentation will address all of our client’s wants and needs for the project, based on previous meetings and discussions.

The New Office Layout

Much Needed Wall to Wall Cabinetry Will Make This Space Function as It Should

As a designer, I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting steps. It’s time to get close and personal as we touch and experience the different selections, and who doesn’t love caressing a beautiful silk swatch or running a finger along the gentle curve of a gorgeous brass cabinet pull? No judgement here!

This stage of the game is like unwrapping a present and revealing all the goodies inside! In my case it’s a little less of a surprise since as both the designer and the client, I am both the giver and receiver of this gift 😊. I must admit, however, I’ve been having some struggles with designing my own office. Why? One reason for this is that as a designer, I’m constantly exposed to new ideas, materials and styles. Settling on one particular design direction, when you have ALL-OF-THE-GOOD-STUFF at your fingertips, is tricky. It’s like finally having that Ultimate 152 Colour Crayola Crayon set you wanted as a kid and trying to decide which ones you want to draw your picture with. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the multitude of options available, and to feel like you're never quite satisfied with the design you've chosen. Alas, as challenging it has been to choose the elements that will bring my current office from fugly to fabulous (there are sooo many beautiful options out there!), we (me and my assistant Charlene) have unanimously decided on the following:

Here's Where We're At, But in All Honesty, I've Been Sick for the Past Week and a Half, So There's Still a Couple of Unknowns

My heart is a flutter and I may just be falling in love with my new office – J’adore!! Now that I have seen the 3D drawings and all the elements in the beautiful Design Presentation, I can clearly picture myself in my French Provincial office space! Hopefully I won’t be too distracted by it’s beauty …I just may catch myself dreaming that I’m floating down the Seine or sitting in a café with a warm, buttery croissant and a café noisette gazing into the eyes of …. – oops and there it is! Now, let’s get back to the fabulous office! We hope all of our ORC friends enjoyed the design presentation. Pssst… hold on to your hat(or should I say beret?) because we are saving a surprise or two for you next week!

Join us here next week as we move on to the implementation stage (yikes! , gotta admit that’s scary). Enough chit chat, there is work to be done!

Until next time,

Michelle x


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