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The Implementation Phase Part 1 – Fugly to Fabulous Office Glow Up

Spring '23 - One Room Challenge Week 6

Have you every felt you were in the midst of a tornado and your brain was bursting with lists, to-do’s and a million decisions to be made – and pronto at that!! Well, welcome to week 6 of the One Room Challenge. We are in high gear here at our fugly (soon to be fabulous) home office. Implementation is well under way and just a quickly as things are being checked off the list, new surprises are being added!

How does that happen you ask? As a well experienced designer, I can tell you that the ‘unexpected’ is part of our ‘expected’ and there are always some little surprises and challenges along the way. That aside, there has been fun and laughter as well and we recently shared one of our favorite bloopers on Instagram - it just may have involved me, a paint can, and a lid that was not secured – oops! All I can say is thank goodness I have hardwood floors in my office.

So far, we’ve painted the walls a gorgeous Sherwin Williams Moorstone and all of the trim in Cold Foam, the electrical has been moved with additional outlets added, the drapery is being stitched up as I write this and the cabinetry is coming together, piece by piece. Rumo Designs is working hard on our custom two-person desk wall cabinets and our stunning wool rug from Surya has arrived and feels just-so-good. I've lured my husband into completing the remainder of the cabinetry- I may owe him cookies for life!

The walls are painted, electrical is completed (lights are being installed this weekend), desk is in production, and all other products are expected to arrive within the week which makes for a tight timeline.

I can literally feel and see the awakening of my new Modern French Country Office and I hope it’s not too poetic if I liken it to a butterfly emerging from a cocoon! Don’t gag on my cliché 😉. I can't wait to show off our new space and inspire others to take on their own challenges. Check out our progress and final reveal on our blog and social media. Who knows, you might catch the bug too!

Please give us good luck and send a prayer to the gods as we sprint to the finish line. There are a number of hills and valleys in the way …and maybe a bramble bush or two, but we are determined to make it!

Until next time,

Michelle x


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