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Design Strategy




With up to 2 hours of intensive work, this on-site session will allow you to build the foundation and lay the groundwork for an amazing home. Whether you're seeking a jump start for the beginning of a longer term project with RSI or guidance with no long term commitment, this is where we begin:

You need a Design Strategy Session if:

~  I'm ready to start a build/reno/remodel and I need to know if we're a good fit before signing a contract.

~  I'm ready to dive right in to my design project and I understand that this is the first step.

~  I'm not ready to invest in Full Service Design, but I need to be pointed in the right design direction

for decorating my home

~  I need to change the layout of my floor plan and I don't know what makes the most sense

~  I want to move, but I don't know what needs to be done to make my home more saleable.


This is what you can expect in our Design Strategy Session:

After we've completed your Discovery Call with Michelle, we'll have you fill out our detailed Design Discovery Questionnaire and book our initial Design Strategy Session.   At this session we will:

Design Strategy Session ONLY:

  • Review your Design Discovery Questionnaire prior to scheduled appointment

  • 2 Hours of "ask-me-anything" design direction in your home

  • Follow up report with notes on recommendations made during 2 hour session

Design Strategy Session prior to design project:

  • Review your Design Discovery Questionnaire prior to scheduled appointment

  • 2 Hour in-home appointment to discuss your overall project goals, style and color preferences, timeline, and budget when project is renovation/remodel (in office when new build)

  • Will begin to measure and take necessary photos to aid in design development if time allows

  • Follow up with flat fee design fee for scope of work.

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