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Designer By

Your Side



What does it mean to have a designer by your side?  Our Designer By Your Side Service

gives you an interior design professional (me) by your side when you need one most.

It is a 20 Hour package of "use-as-needed" design time perfect

for those that know they need assistance in the design of their homes, but aren't ready

to invest in a Full Service Design Service.  We support you, our client, to guide you confidently

through your project and help you where you need our consulting services most.


A Designer by Your Side Service is right for you if:


~ you are already working with a contractor or builder, but need recommendations in sourcing your

final selections and finishes.

~ you need assistance in achieving a cohesive look and well put together design.

~ you require help with space planning

~ you have a finishing carpenter ready to go but need the millwork drawings


Services may include, but are not limited to:

  • In-person meetings and communications with clients;

  • Floor plans and layout ideas;

  • Construction drawings;

  • Guidance for kitchen and bath design;

  • Sourcing and purchasing of items;

  • Sourcing and selection of finishes & furnishings;

  • Selecting paint colours;

  • Liaising and meeting with trades & vendors;

  • Reviewing quotes and estimates;

  • On site appointments and walk-throughs

With our expertise and knowledge, you can feel confident knowing that you have us

by your side to offer solid advice and answer questions relating to any design aspects of your project.

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