Our Design Process

Our approach to designing our client's homes is both collaborative and highly organized. We pride ourselves on following a "no surprise" 15 step process (narrowed down to 7 steps here) that allow us to stay on time and on budget with consistently beautiful results.  The end goal is always to keep communication lines with our valued clientele open. To that end, experience has shown us that knowledge of our standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project.

  Step 1

Design Strategy Session

This is our chance to get to know you.  What do you like, what’s your style, what’s important to you and how do you aspire to use your home?  We’ll talk budget, timelines, and expectations for the project.  This is also where we’ll take photos and measurements of your space along with detailed notes.

Step 2

Design Concept

This is where we take all of the information from the onboard meeting and turn it into a design concept to present to you.  We’ll talk about “the plan” -- the solution to your problem, the yin to your yang.  If you love it (and we think you will), we’ll ask for a retainer for design fees.

Step 3

Trade Day

Clients whose needs are decor-related can ignore this step.  If you’re designing with us however, trade day will be an agreed upon date where the various trades necessary to complete your project will be scheduled throughout the day.  Each trade will take all the required measurements and photos required to create an estimate for their piece of the puzzle.

Step 4

The Presentation

This is the fun part -- where you’ll get to start visualizing your new space.  This is where the bulk of the work happens.  Depending on the project scope, we’ll present to you your space plan and drawing package, your selections for finishes, flooring, cabinetry, hardware, paint colours, millwork and lighting.  If you’re decorating, you can plan to see selections for window treatments, fabrics and furnishings, rugs, wallpaper, paint and lighting.  We’ll also present the estimates received back for trades, fixtures and furnishings for your approval.  At this time, you can expect to provide a deposit for the approved estimates.

Step 5


The proposals have been accepted and you’re delighted with where this is heading.  What next?  A building and installation calendar will be drawn up and executed, purchases will be ordered, tracked, received and inspected and delivery times scheduled.  And all along the way, we’ll be communicating with you on our progress.

Step 6

The Reveal

It’s done!  Every detail has been attended to, the construction is complete, your furniture has been delivered and installed, your art is hung and your accessories are placed.  All you have to do is walk in to the home you dreamed of and start living the life you imagined. 

*Please note that professional photography is important to RSI as an interior design firm.  Ideally, we will schedule photography close to the reveal to minimize any other disruption to our clients and their home.

Step 7

Resolve Deficiencies

Although we always strive for any imperfections to be taken care of prior to the reveal, occasionally a wall will get marked during install or an item that will "make the space perfect" will be on backorder.  During the reveal, we will identify and discuss any deficiences.  Room Service Interiors will make every effort to follow up in a timely manner to ensure that these are resolved.