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Bathroom Renovation







Need a New Bathroom Renovation, Calgary? Look No Further.




At Room Service Interiors, we’re here to help your bathroom renovation dreams come true.

In so many ways, the bathroom is the heart of the home. From getting ready in the mornings to winding down at nights, bathrooms see it all — and our bathroom renovation services are perfect for creating a bathroom that feels as perfect as possible. Whether you want to elevate your bathroom’s spa experience or you want your kids to have a shared bathroom that actually makes sense, we’ll help create the best bathroom renovation you can ask for.



When it comes to bathroom renovations, the options are endless — which is why you’ll want to look towards our team at Room Service Interiors to handle all of the legwork. From sourcing beautiful bathroom materials all the way to finding the right appliances for you, our bathroom renovation team knows how to create swoon-worthy bathrooms… and we know you’re ready for the best bathroom renovation Calgary can ask for.

When starting a bathroom renovation Calgary project with us, we’ll start with an initial design consultation to define goals, hone in on taste and discuss everything from timelines all the way to colour preferences. Then, we’ll get started on design development, a detailed process that will start bringing your bathroom renovation to life. From the 3D drawings and the backsplash decisions all the way to the contractor build-outs and the final touches, we’ll be right at your side to create the ultimate bathroom renovation space.

How Can I Help?

At Room Service Interiors, we service Calgary, Cochrane, Bearspaw, Springbank and beyond with renovation services, design services and full-service projects. Whether you’re looking for a fresh touch in your living room or a full-scale kitchen or bathroom renovation, our expert interior design team is here for you. We know you’re busy, and we also know that your busy life makes a home more important than ever. With our interior design and renovation services, you’ll be able to design an optimized, beautiful, dream-worthy home that gives you rest, peace and a place to actually live your life… the way you want to live it.

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