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Good Tradespeople are Worth More than Their Weight in Gold (or Designer Handbags)

Spring '23 - One Room Challenge Week 4

Guess who's back? That's right, I've returned from my incredible European adventure! Now, before you envision me strolling through fields of vibrant tulips with a glass of fine wine in hand, let me set the record straight. My trip wasn't all picturesque landscapes and relaxation. No, I had a little thing called the One Room Challenge on my mind throughout.

Last week, we took a big leap forward by finalizing the Design Concept for my fugly-to-fabulous French Country Modern style home office. But that was just the beginning! This week, it's time to assemble our own squad of superpowered professionals. No, I'm not talking about caped crusaders, but rather the electrician, custom furniture/cabinet maker, painter, drapery workroom, and yours truly—the interior designer extraordinaire. Together, we form an unstoppable team ready to transform my office from dreary to dazzling!

This week is all about diving into the nitty-gritty details. We're conducting a thorough site review, leaving no stone unturned. From precise measurements to voltage calculations, we're covering everything. And hey, I may have even coined a new term: "tintage." Okay, so it's not officially in the dictionary, but who needs boring paint colors when you can have a catchy word like that? We're leaving no room for shortcuts here. Instead, we're engaging in in-depth discussions and meticulous planning with our skilled tradespeople. It's time to bring this vision to life!

As an interior designer, I've had the privilege of working with an array of fantastic clients, each with their unique projects. But one thing always remains constant—having a dream team of tradespeople is like savoring that first sip of Monday morning coffee. Without them, chaos lurks around the corner. Believe me, no matter how impeccable your design ideas are, without the right professionals to execute them, your project can quickly spiral into a nightmare of epic proportions!

Why all the fuss? Well, let me break it down for you. Reputable tradespeople possess the skills and expertise to turn your design dreams into reality. They're well-versed in working with diverse materials and can troubleshoot any construction hurdles that may arise. Moreover, these experts are reliable and trustworthy, understanding the importance of time management and effective communication. In the realm of interior design, where deadlines and budgets often loom over us, having dependable individuals you can rely on is worth their weight in gold!

Speaking of our dream team, we've been collaborating closely with Rumo Designs on the intricate details of the desk. From selecting the perfect wood for the tabletop and base to crafting the elegantly curved legs, he's the mastermind behind our workspace centerpiece. And guess what? He'll also be creating our counter mount cabinets to perfectly complement the desk. As for the base cabinets and drawer fronts, we're taking charge of ordering those to ensure a quick turnaround.

Here we are with Daryn of Rumo Designs reviewing our requirements for our "2-person" french country modern inspired desk"

Our electrician has already paid us a visit to assess the office's electrical setup. Soon, he'll be skillfully rearranging the wiring to accommodate the new counter-height outlets and installing a delightful picture light and chandelier. Just imagining the warm ambiance they'll create makes me giddy with excitement!

Earlier this week, I caught up with Becky, our very own drapery Wonder Woman. Together, we explored various styles for the full-length drapery and discussed options for a second fabric to complement the exquisite Lee Jofa embroidered silk that I've been cherishing (okay, maybe hoarding) for quite some time. Oh, the possibilities!

Here's a sneak peek of our Lee Jofa embroidered silk we're planning on using for the top portion of our drapes.

And let's not forget our brilliant painter, who's now an integral part of this creative symphony. With a stroke of their brush, they'll work their magic on the walls, infusing our walls with some Sherwin Williams magic!!

So there you have it, folks - the Trades all have their working orders and the calendar is filling up with deliveries (in both goods and talents). It’s all these individual pieces coming together that will make our puzzle a beautiful masterpiece.

Until next time,

Michelle x

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